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News: Stephen Hawking dies at 76

In this Wednesday, the great physicist Stephen Hawking dies in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Source: Inovação Tecnológica (Translated to English)

Hawking become one of the most known scientist in the world and also one of the most popular science divulgators in the last decades.

Born in January 8 in 1942 in Oxford, United Kingdom, Hawking made great contribution to cosmology, especially about black holes, and also help to spread to public the Big Bang Theory, the standard cosmologic model, the most accepted between physicist in the entire world.

Hawking used an electronic synthesizer to talk, and the robotic voice produced by the device to express your ideas become famous.

Diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis on 21 years, he was able to convert your deficiency in one of the keys of your scientific work. When lost the arm mobility, engaged in capability to solve the most complex scientific calculations only with the mind, without noting equations.

In 1998 he completed your work “A Brief History of Time”, which converted in a success, more than 10 million of sold copies, making the Big Bang hypothesis worldly known by the public.

I have all Stephen Hawking books except the “A Brief History of Time”. One of his greatest discoveries was that black holes emit radiation and lose matter until disappear, of course this process takes many billions of years to normal sizes. Received the name of Hawking Radiation. He also defended the hypothesis that the information aren`t lost when entered the black hole.

The vacuum isn’t really empty, if it was, would violate the Uncertainty Principle, which determine that you can’t measure the position and speed of particles at the same time. If was empty, the position and speed would be zero. Therefore, the vacuum is formed by pairs of virtual particles which are formed and destroyed very quickly. When the pairs stay close to a black hole, one particle falls into the hole and another is emitted in form of Hawking Radiation.



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