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Swarm intelligence applied to robotics

In this post, will be shown how swarm intelligence can be used as a model to intelligent machines solve many problems. Will be shown the main programs.


What is swarm intelligence? It is the idea to create intelligent programs based on behavior of social animals. In this system, there is no central command, has a great number of similar individuals who self-organize by Stigmergy. Which is an indirect coordination mechanism with simple rules, interacts with the environment and a member’s action can change the entire swarm’s behavior.

Ant Colony Optimization algorithm

One of the main swarm intelligence programs is the Ant Colony Optimization algorithm. The ants can find the shortest way between the colony and the food source, making pheromones trails to other ants follow. The shortest ways receive the highest pheromone concentration. When a food source is depleted, another route, which leads to a new source is established.

This algorithm is used to find the shortest route to wireless network routing, the best way to vehicles arrive in the destiny, minimization of distance to product transport, and other problems of similar nature.

Particle Swarm Optimization

This program is inspired by the behavior of birds and flying insects. Each swarm member has memory, communicates with other members, and moves in an n-dimension space.

It is used to find a function`s minimum value. Start with a random set of solutions in space, remember of best solutions and use this experience to search in other regions. Click in the video below to see the swarm particle animation.

Flying robots can be used to reach a destiny or find something.

Application in robotics

The advantages of robots with swarm intelligence.

  • Can execute complex tasks without the need of very complex algorithm;
  • Can adapt to the environment;
  • Have failure tolerance;
  • Click on the button below to see other applications.

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