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Technical Museum Nikola Tesla (Part 2)

This is the second post of series about the Technical Museum Nikola Tesla. To see the first post, click in following button.

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Aircraft engines

In this area, are exposed many airplane engines from 1910s to 1950s, including a jet engine.


This is an Austrian piston engine Hiero H, made by Warchalowski Eissler & Co., in 1912. Had 214 HP (157.3 kW) and was used in World War I biplanes.


Mercedes D.I, introduced in 1913, had 100 HP (75 kW). Was used in many German military aircraft in beginning of World War I.

Mercedes D.I

Piston engine Salmson R9 with 120 HP (88.2 kW). Build under license by GAZ in Russia, in 1918.



Model LD 13 by Lorraine-Dietrich from 1924 with 400 HP (294 kW).

LD 13 model

Model LD 12-Eb, also by French Lorraine-Dietrich, with 450 HP (330.8 kW). Was one of the most used in military aircrafts in period between wars (1920s and 1930s). This exemplar is from 1928.

Modelo LD 12-eb

1930s onwards

The Wright GR-1820 F-56 Cyclone radial engine, 760 HP (558.6 kW). Unlike the previous, which were cooled by water, this one had cooling by air. Was built by American Aeronautical Corporation, in 1934.

Wright Cyclone

Wright Cyclone

Model 14 AB 11 of French Hispano-Suiza, also cooled by air. Manufactured in 1935 with 670 HP (492.5 kW).

Hispano Suiza

Hispano Suiza

Model 500 HP (367.5 kW) Jupiter. Built under license by Industrija aeroplanskih motora (IAM) in Yugoslavia, in 1935.


This is Bristol-Mercury manufactured by English Bristol Aeroplane in 1935, had 850 HP (624.8 kW).


Model 126-RC-34 of Italian Alfa Romeo from 1935, with 750 HP (551.2 kW). Front and back sides respectively.

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo

Also by Alfa Romeo, this is the 115-I of 1937 with 195 HP (216.1 kW).

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo

The 990 HP (727,7 kW) Merlin II was manufactured by Rolls-Royce in England, in 1937. Engines of Merlin series were cooled by water, different from previous shown from 1930s.

Merlin II

Merlin II

The German Daimler-Benz 601 B1 is a rarity. Was the engine of World War II aircrafts Messerschmitt Bf 109 e Bf 110, it has 1150 HP (845.3 kW).

Daimler Benz

Alison jet engine by General Electric, model J 35. Was installed in F-84G Thunderjet fighter-bomber.


Geology, mining and oil

In this area of Technical Museum Nikola Tesla, there are ore samples, rocks, techniques and mining tools. In addition to technologies related to oil and gas. This is a model of oil platform Labin of Crosco, which is in Adriatic Sea.

One jib coal cutter of German Eickhoff.

Coal cutter

Mining manual tools.

Mining tools

Iron ore block.

Iron ore

Core drill to extract cylinders from materials.

Core drill

Equipment for rescue in mines.

Mining rescue equipment

Current transformer with flange protection type KTT-200-7,2. Flange is a pipe’s extremity to connect with other pipe.

Current transformer

Another transformer for mining.


A centrifuge pump and the same in cross section respectively.

Centrifuge pump

Centrifuge pump

A tube fan for caves.


Model of conveyor belt for transport steel plates.

Conveyor belt

Removable belt conveyor.

Removable belt

A pivoted bucket model.

Pivoted bucket conveyor

Metal samples.

Metal sample

Oil drilling rig.

Drilling rig

Drilling rig

Like always, what is shown in this post isn’t everything that have in museum. Stand by for the next part of series.


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