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News: AI visualize 3D objects from 2D pictures

Visualize 3D objects from 2D photos was exclusivity of humans, now an algorithm can do it.

Source: Science

They started by teaching an algorithm to treat 3D objects as 2D surfaces. Imagine, for example, hollowing out a mountainous globe and flattening it into a rectangular map, with each point on the surface displaying latitude, longitude, and altitude. After much practice, the new machine-learning algorithm learned to translate photos of 3D objects (like the first row of planes, above) into 2D surfaces, which can then be “stitched” into 3D forms. Researchers trained it to reconstruct cars, airplanes, and hands in almost any posture.

This program called SurfNet can create 3D images of cars, aircrafts and hands. Need to create an algorithm which estimate 3D form of any object even the ones it never saw and wasn’t trained.

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