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News: Edible sensor to study intestine

Researchers develop edible sensor to study the microorganisms in the human intestine.

Source: Science

Now, a team of researchers has developed an edible device that passes through the digestive tract, measuring concentrations of intestinal gases along the way. The 2.6-centimeter-long capsule (above) contains sensors for hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide, which can spike and dip as microbes break down components of our meals and release various byproducts. In a pilot study published today in Nature Electronics, six volunteers experimented with high and low fiber diets while the pill transmitted signals to a pocket-size receiver every 5 minutes. Their preliminary tests showed that the pill’s readouts can reflect changing levels of fermentation in the gut and the speed of food’s transit through the body.

This is the sensor and your capsule.

Maybe appear edible robots which kill cancerous cells or make small repairs in the intestine. These types of sensors probably don`t have batteries and must have a technology similar to RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). I will talk about this technology in other post.

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