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Museum of Cosmonautics and Rocket Technology in Saint Petersburg

I was in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and visited the Museum of Cosmonautics and Rocket Technology in Peter and Paul Fortress.

Peter and Paul Fortress

It was in this fortress where developed researches in rocket technology in the 1930s. The Museum of Cosmonautics and Rocket Technology is only one of the many museums of the Fortress.


Here are some photos I took in the museum. What I show here isn’t everything the museum has. This is the first experimental liquid fuel engine of USSR, the ORM-1, build and tested between 1930 and 1931. Gave origin to many others of ORM series.

This engine’s data:

  • Traction: 20 kg/s;
  • Combustion chamber and nozzle were steel covered with copper;
  • The injection were made with filters and valves;
  • Gold cover in nozzles were to avoid oxidation;
  • The oxidizer was nitrous tetroxide or liquid oxygen.

The experimental rocket RLA-100, developed in 1932 and assembled in the city of Perm. The engine’s liquid nitrate stayed in a higher point than the center of mass and had a gyroscope to stabilize the rocket and test it`s direction.

Rocket’s data:

  • Maximum height flight: 100 km;
  • Initial mass: 400 kg;
  • Fuel mass: 250 kg;
  • Payload mass: 20 kg;
  • Traction: 29,4 N;
  • Operation time: 20 s.

This is the GIRD-10, from GIRD family, the first USSR liquid fuel rocket. Was launched in November 25th of 1933.

  • Initial mass: 29,5 kg;
  • Propeller: Liquid oxygen and alcohol;
  • Fuel mass: 8,3 kg;
  • Payload mass: 2 kg.

The Rocket 9 and the engine it used in the right side.

Other type of liquid fuel rocket.

Model of Kosmos rocket in 1:10 scale.

Inside the rockets

In addition to rockets. Museum of Cosmonautics and Rocket Technology also shows what is inside some engines. Here we have the RD-1X3.

The RD-2 engine.

Prototype of ORM-65 liquid fuel engine.

The RD-107 engine used in Vostok rockets.

The above and below parts of RD-108 engine respectively.

Liquid fuel engine RD-0109 which use kerosene and liquid oxygen.

The RD-214 engine.

The engine RD-119.

And the engine RD-301.

Spaceships and probes

This is the spaceship Vostok model in 1:3 scale. The ship which took Yuri Gagarin to outer space in April 12th of 1961.

Model of Luna-9, which visited the Moon, in 1:3 scale.

Soyuz-3’s manned module and your interior.

Other objects

The Museum also shows other interesting things. This is an instrument to measure X-rays and ultraviolet radiation from Sun.

This model shows how a rocket engine works with blinking lights.

A capsule to photographic reconnaissance to Yantar-2K (Fênix) and Yantar-4K (Oktan) satellites.

The capsule where stayed the monkeys which went to space.

Bio-container to birds.

The model of lunar exploration vehicle Lunokhod-1 in scale 1:14.

Food to cosmonauts.

Cosmonaut’s uniforms.

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