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Electrical e-Library in Campus Party 2018

I was in São Paulo, Brazil, to Campus Party 2018 in January 30th and 31th and February 1st. It is a great event of technology which assemble enthusiasts and show news of innovation, entrepreneurship, sciences and workshops.


What have most in Campus Party is free space to people use computers, access internet and recharge your devices.

Some CPUs (Central Processing Units) have a very creative appearance.


In the Ford stand there was the Alert Cap, which awakens the sleepy person. When the head is tilted the cap emits sound signals and vibrations to keep the person awaked.

The monitor which detects head`s movement to activate the cap.

This is the Skimer subaquatic ski, which can both surf and stay underwater.

A 3D printer which make pieces in many sizes.

Games championship

In the Arena Games had a video games championship where two persons played a fighting game.

Campus Cult

Campus Cult is an area dedicated to geek art, pictures and sculptures with video games, movies, series and cartoons themes.

Drone arena

This is the drone arena where had battle, race and demonstrations of drones.

Some robots

I saw some interesting robots in Campus Party. These are soccer player robots.

A paper robot with an Arduino, an ultrasound sensor and stepper motors to movement.


One of the most fun things in the event were the virtual reality simulators. This is a Petrobras simulator, where you control a drone moving the head in a race through an oil platform.

Shooting simulator with mats to move in the game.

Helicopter simulator.

Delta wing simulator.

Formula F1 race car simulators.

This is the Motion Sphere, a simulator where you pilot an airplane and you move inside the sphere like you are inside the airplane. You even have the wind sensation in your direction.










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