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Trash bin in public places

This is the first post about environmental education. It is about the question of trash bin in public places. Thanks to Antonio Ademir Stroski, agricultural engineer and master in Environment and Sustainability, for provide valuable information. 

Do we need more trash bins?

One common solicitation showed by the majority of city inhabitants is the public power responsible for urban cleaning system make the installation of depots to solid waste in roads and public places, the trash bins. Where the pedestrians can let waste after consumption or use products.

But it is a wrong atitude because the urban area inhabitants already have collecting regular service made in own residence, in workplace or in visited establishments who attend to adquire products and use services. The recommendation to obeyed by everyone is when walking in the streets and public places, if you have waste to discharge, keep it with yourself, in the pocket, inside the vehicle you are using, in the handbag or in other hand baggage until you can use the deposits at your range.

The deposit installed in streets and city squares have different capabilities, models and materials. But are expensive to purchase and maintenance by public power. In many cases, are plundered by vandals. Other factor to considerate is the aesthetic question of original beautiful environments, which are modified with installation of trash bin with questionable design. Is this landscape would be prettier with a trash bin?

Good example

The Japanese give the example to be followed, where it is rare to find the street cleaner.

This urban cleaning worker exists because many people disrespect the collective interest, have the public areas clean and beautiful. The cost are high to keep a structure of workers, materials and equipment in cleaning system, specified to collect waste from streets and public squares, launched by people indistinctly.

In Japan, who travel by roads has in the convenience shops the local to get food, rest and let the waste in properly depots to collection service, which after are destined to new recycle process.

The good environmental practices with solid waste also exist in other countries and different communities, which deserve be disclosed.


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