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News: Hoverbike arrives in the market

You can pre-order your hoverbike, if you have 150,000 dolars. Made by Hoversurf company.

Source: Futurism

The S3 2019 is part motorcycle and part quadcopter. According to the Hoversurf website, the battery-powered vehicle weighs 253 pounds and has a flight time of 10 to 25 minutes depending on operator weight. Its maximum legal speed is 60 mph — though as for how fast the craft can actually move, that’s unknown. Hoversurf also notes that the vehicle’s “safe flight altitude” is 16 feet, but again, we aren’t sure how high it can actually soar.

For those who are not familiar with the imperial mesure system:

  • 253 pounds = 114 kg.
  • 60 mph (miles per hour) = 96,56 km/h.
  • 16 feet = 4,87 meters.

I entered in the Hoversurf’s site and I saw this hoverbike is made of many types of carbon fiber and uses lithium-nickel-manganese (LiNiMnCoO_{2}). I found more information about this type of battery in the company`s site.

Source: Hoversurf

It combines the safety and low resistance of manganese and the high energy of nickel. The resulting battery chemistry gives you a reasonably high capacity and a high discharge current. The chemistry is very stable, meaning that you don’t need expensive built-in protective circuits.

This hybrid type battery with a capacity of 12.3 kWh, which allows you to fly up to 40 minutes in the drone mode.

The hoverbikes were present in movies and video games.

The real world hoverbikes are much slower and noisy. The Dubai police already purchased the S3 2019.





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