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Sirius inauguration

Has been inaugurated in the city of Campinas, Brazil, the Sirius. One of the world’s most advanced electron accelerators.

Source: Jornal do Brasil (Translated to English)

Showed as the country’s biggest scientific installation, this electron accelerator – located in Campinas (SP) – will help, for example, in researches which seek to fight degenerative diseases like Parkinson and Alzheimer.

The sincroton is an extremely powerful light beans source produced by high energy electrons which run through a huge storage ring. The one from Sirius measures 518 meters and will allow to analyze in details the microparticles of more varied organic and inorganic materials.

With the new accelerator, a research which takes 10 hours using the world`s most advanced equipments will take only 10 seconds.

There is another particle accelerator in this type in the world: the MAX IV, located in Sweden. Similar to a soccer stadium, Sirius will occupy a surface of 68,000 square meters.

In addition to progress in the healthcare field, Sirius can contribute to advances in energy sector, with creation of batteries with larger duration, smaller and with a lower cost.

Better batteries due to researches result will allow drones and robots with more autonomy. Even the electric cars industry can benefit.

The light beans will start to circulate from Wednesday in an experimental way, but the scientist can only start your jobs in the second semester of 2019. It is planned that the construction is completed in 2021.

This video shows how must stay when it is totally ready.

The electrons are accelerated in a speed close to the light and make a curve due to powerful magnets. When the electron makes a curve, lost energy and emits a light thousand of times brighter than the sunlight. More details of sincroton’s operation will stay to a future post.

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