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Fifth generation (5G) mobile communication

The fifth generation (5G) mobile communication is arriving, in this post is shown how it works and the main features.

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How is it?

As expected, 5G internet will be faster than the 4G. If 4G can reach until 1 Gbps (Gigabits per seconds), 5G can reach 10 Gbps, in practice, speed depends on the environment because other electromagnetic waves and physical obstacles like buildings, walls and etc interfere in speed.

To have more speed, needs a wider bandwidth. There are space to big bandwidths in 28 and 39 GHz frequencies. However these frequencies has an approximated range of 500 meters. The cellphones will need lower power base radio stations, forming smaller cells. For other side, energy consumption will be reduced, increasing battery will be reduced, increasing battery lifespan. The adopted frequency band depends on each country. In the figure below the blue traits are the licensed bands to 5G, green traits are unlicensed and the purple is occupied band by LTE.

This technology will have a smaller latency than the 4G. Latency is the device’s response time in a wireless network. The latency of fifth generation will be in maximum 1 millisecond. This graphic compares latency of previous technologies. LTE, a 4G technology has latency of 10 milliseconds.

In addition of higher speed, this new technology will allow to download, transmit and see videos with superior definition and obtain the Internet of Things (IoT).

The 5G cellphone

How will be the cellphone of this generation? Apparently will be equal than 4G, but the ones from fifth generation will have compatible modems and processors. Like this processor Snapdragon 855 of Qualcomm, has 7 nm (nanometers) technology, by that, MOSFET transistor has 7 nm width.

This chip will have the Snapdragon X50 modem to connect to a 5G network. Performance and artificial intelligence will be improved and will have bete energy management.

Other companies are also making modems to 5G cellphones. Have a compatible chip is not enough, also must have cellphone towers adapted to this new technology.

Some application of 5G

Great advances will appear with this technology. One of the application is the IoT, consist in bring internet to a big number of devices and sensors which weren’t connected before. The devices will have low power sensors which will monitor the environment and the own devices.

Implementation of 5G will bring driverless vehicles due to low latency time and processing speed of sensor data.

If its is possible to use 5G to create autonomous cars, can use to create autonomous drones which will deliver parcels and food to homes.

The cellphones will have many games and apps with augmented reality and games with virtual reality with 360 degrees.




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