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Applications of quantum computers

What the quantum computer can do, the classical can’t, or takes too long to the task? In this post, we will see the applications of quantum computers. This post is a collaboration with Tenfold, which provided this article about quantum computers.

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According to Tenfold, the applications are:

  • Creation of new alloys and materials;
  • Logistic optimization;
  • Analyze complex scenarios;
  • Artificial Intelligence;
  • Quantum cryptography.

New alloys and materials

Many new technologies depend on the creation of new materials which have the desirable properties. The traditional method to discover new alloys and materials is to make many tests and discard which don’t work. This method takes much time. Are used fast computers and artificial intelligence to speed up the discovery new materials and alloys process, making simulations to discard which does not work.

The material’s properties are determined by quantum behavior of atoms. Therefore, quantum mechanics calculations are needed to build the desired molecular structure. Quantum computers can discover new alloys and materials faster than digital supercomputers. Medicine will also benefit with the design of new medicines.

Logistic optimization

The salesman`s problem: What is the shortest way to go through to deliver all orders, passing by all places only once?

This is a typical logistic optimization problem, when there is a big number of points, take too much time to find the answer even to a computer. The quantum computers with artificial intelligence algorithms can solve this problem and others routing problems quickly.

Analyze complex scenarios

Complex scenarios like economic crisis and weather forecast have many variables which influence in the output. A digital computer would take years to predict the most probable results from a scenario. While a quantum computer can predict in few minutes and with more precision to take right decisions in time.

A quantum computer can predict hurricanes, tornadoes and storms with much more advance.

Artificial intelligence

The quantum computers will make intelligent systems and machine learning algorithms much faster, since they deal with a great quantity of data. As I explained in the first part about quantum computing, some hundred of qubits is equivalent to a quantity of bits greater than a digital supercomputer. Therefore, quantum computers can make tasks impossible before, like guide spaceships and simulate long space travels.

And also solve traffic jam problems.

Some scientist believe that human conscience is a quantum phenomena and a quantum computer maybe can simulate a 100 billions neural network, the same neuron number of a human brain and create conscious machines.

Quantum cryptography will be subject to another post.



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