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Visiting Vila Velha State Park

I visited Vila Velha State Park, famous by sandstone sculptures. These natural monuments are shown in this post.

Where it is?

This park stays in Paraná state, Brazil, 95 km from Curitiba and 23 km from Ponta Grossa. 25º 23′ of South latitude and 50º West longitude. Has been founded in October 12, 1953. In 1966, was listed by the Historical and Artistic Department of State of Paraná.

State geology

These monuments are made of sandstone, a type of sedimentary rock formed by granite’s disintegration caused by rain and wind. Granite grains form sand, sand layers from above pressure the ones below, the latter are compacted and hardened, forming sandstone. Rain and wind gave form to rocks.

Vila Velha’s sandstone was formed 300 millions of years ago in Carboniferous period of Paleozoic era, this period was featured by emergence of first reptiles and big primitive trees. In that time, this region was covered by ice and close to South Pole.

This park stays above the called Paraná Basin, a great sequence of sedimentary and volcanic rocks. This basin started to be formed at 443 millions of years ago, in Silurian period, when the first terrestrial plants appeared. It’s formation has been concluded in Cretaceous period.

Paraná Basin

In east of state there is the Paranaense Shield, has a more ancient formation, more than 3 billions years ago. Has magmatic and metamorphic rocks which form Serra do Mar mountain range. The shore has sedimentary rocks from current Holocene era.

Walking through Vila Velha

This part shows sandstones sculptures. This park has great sandstone blocks, many separated by erosion.

Sandstone blocks

This block reminds a monkey head, or a lion, note closed eyes, nose and mouth.

Monkey head

This is camel sculpture.

The rain created bottle molds in these rocks.

This sculpture is officially know as indian head.

This one looks like one hand, or two together.

Lion in sphinx position.

This is the boot.

The wine glass, the most famous structure of Vila Velha.

The biggest factors of monuments degradation are rain and people who write names and climb the sculptures. The park must be preserved to next generations appreciate this heritage. After the sandstone structures, there is a way through forest with rocky walls.

Other attractions

In addition to sandstone structures, there are the Golden Lake and Natural Pits. However, in day I visited, was only possible to see sandstones. Other Park’s attraction will be subject to a future post, I will have to go again to see the Lake and Natural Pits. Vila Velha Park is closed at Tuesdays.


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