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Electrical e-Library in Geek City 2019

The Geek City 2019 is a 3 days event about technology and geek culture, it is the biggest of South Brazil. In this post is shown what had in second day.

This event was in Expo Renault Barigui, in Barigui park, the most famous of Curitiba.

Expo Renaul Barigui

At entrance, had these dinossauro sculptures.



This is a 3D printer Stella 2 of start-up Boa Impressão 3D.

Stella 2

Some objects produced by Stella 2.

3D objects

3D objects

Here is one of games made by students from Digital Games Technology course of PUC-PR.

Arena game PUC

The start-up Pede Logo created a program to automate requests in pizzerias and snack bars.

Pede Logo

FIEP system

In SESI school’s stand, were shown some Lego Mindstorms robots, one of then is a line follower.

line follower robot

CPUs made by informatics students from SENAI.

CPU kombi

Iron man CPU

Custom CPUs

Reading cards projects with Arduino for schools.

Read card Arduino

An Arduino project for snack bars in schools.

Arduino in snack bars


Legos pieces to assemble.

Lego pieces


In Arena Games of Geek City 2019, had Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) championship. For those who don’t know, is a FPS (First Person Shooter) game, players are divided in two groups which fight each other.

Arena games CS

Had two race car simulators, I played in one of them.

Race car Simulator

Race car simulator

Playstation 4 (PS4) and Xbox One consoles to play. The presented games for PS4 were: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Crash Team Racing. In addition to many games for Xbox One.

PS4 Sekiro

PS4 Crash Team Racing

Xbox One

Could experiment many board games. This is Dixit, a game where players communicate with each other with images.


A zombie apocalipse game.


In Aldeia da Fibra stand, there were emulators with many old games. This is a Nintendo 64 emulator.


Other exhibitions in Geek City 2019

Many comic artists exposed their works.

art comics

An exposition celebrating 80 years of Batman. Clothes and equipment used in recent movies.

batman suits

Masks of the villains.

enemies of batman

A Lego area for kids.

Has been announced My Hero Academia the movie.

My Hero Academia

Were present many cosplayers and geek products shops.

Captain America Cosplay

Anime cosplay

Dr Doom



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