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Electrical e-Library in Geek City 2018

Here in Curitiba, it occurred the Geek City 2018, a three days event about technology and entertainment, it is the biggest of south Brazil. I will show what I saw in the second day.  


Had a comic exhibition. These are from Marvel and DC made by Marcelo de Chiara.

And had display of some original creations.


In the event, were present some robots which interact with people and are controlled remotely.

A motion sphere with a racing game.

A Lego Mindstorms robot.

This is a robot which detects and deviates from obstacles with an ultrasonic sensor. Next to it are board from BBC micro:bit. These boards have microprocessors and serve to introduce children to programming and robotics, allowing them to create its own projects in a very easy way. Above is a soil humidity sensor, I will write a post about these sensors.

This is a virtual reality game, where you have to shoot zombies. Yes, this is me playing.


There was presentation of some interesting games, like this virtual slot car made by a start-up. The track color stays with the same color of the current car in first place.

An emulator of Nintendo’s ancient games in arcade form, probably it is a Raspberry Pi with Retropie emulator.

In the Geek City Arena, there was a World of Warcraft championship. In case you don’t know it is a RPG game based in the real time strategy game Warcraft from Blizzard. In addiction to competitions of other games.

Also had many Playstation and Xbox One consoles to people play, each console with only a game. Just needed patience and luck to find one available.

Other attractions

In Geek City, were sold many board games.

And the sale of many products related to geek culture.

Also had presentations and chat with famous youtubers and actors. And the presentations of new Predator movie and a brazilian superhero called Doutrinador.

And of course, could not stop appearing, the cosplayers.




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