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Visit to Ilha Solteira hydro power plant

This post is about the visit to Ilha Solteira (Single Island) hydro power plant. Stays in the Paraná river between the municipalities of Selvíria, in Mato Grosso do Sul state and Ilha Solteira, in São Paulo state.
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Main features

The Ilha Solteira plant is the biggest of São Paulo state and the sixth largest in Brazil, has installed capacity of 3.444 MW. The dam has an extension of 5.6 km and serves as bridge over the Paraná river. This hydro power plant started to be built in April 3, 1966 by Celusa, which was succeeded Cesp and was inaugured in January 16, 1974. In June 2016, was given concession right to CTG Brasil.

From outside

These are the stators with coils from generators which produce 13.7 kV.

The Ilha Solteira dam is mixed, using both advantages of concrete and rockfill dam.

This is a step-up transformer, receives 14 kV in the input and provides 440 kV in output, has apparent power of 78 MVA.

In this plant, some poles to sustain transmission lines stay in the river.

The power plant has 19 spillways to release non-used water for electrical energy production.

From inside

Inside one of the installations, this panel shows the interior of a generator unit. As you can see, the used turbine is the Francis type.

In this plant area, it is possible to see the generator units current in operation. Are the ones which release water in the river as shown the picture. The generator units are called G-01, G-02, until G-20.

This is the control room. The control of a hydro power plant will be subject to another post.

Some facts

  • The name Ilha Solteira (Single Island) comes from an island which stays in the middle of Paraná river, also gave he name to the municipality.
  • The reservoir has 21 billions of cubic meters.
  • CTG is the chinese state company which built the Three Gorges Dam, in China.


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