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Meet the integrated circuit 4017

In this post, it’s shown the operation of integrated circuit 4017, from CMOS family. In addition to some projects which are possible to make with this chip.

Chip operation and interior

Decription of 4017 pins.

4017 pins
The 4017 have 16 pins. Source: Electronics Hub.
  • Vdd and GND: Supply and ground terminals, respectively.
  • CLK: Clock terminal, which must receive a square wave.
  • EN: Clock inhibitor.
  • Reset: If it’s linked to GND, will restart counting when the output go to 10. When it’s on level “1”, restart counting immediately.
  • Carryout: Goes from “Low” to “High” state when chip counts to 10.

The 4017 is a Johnson counter, or ring counter, with 5 type D flip-flops. In this counter, the last flip-flop’s inverted output is linked to the first one’s D input. The outputs in this type of counter show a pulse of “high” values. 

Johnson Ring Counter
On the left, thruth-table showing the outputs. Source: Electronics Hub.

Chip outputs change in sequence to “1” level due to logic doors NAND and NOT, at top of the logic diagram, which form a combinational circuit.

4017 outputs
Chip’s outputs in sequence. Source: 4017’s datasheet provided by Texas Instruments.

Some projects with 4017

This integrated circuit has many applications, in this post is shown a small part of what can do with the component.

LED Chaser

In this circuit, 10 LEDs light up in sequence one at a time. Then, starts again. An astable 555 provides a clock signal for 4017.

Needed materials:

  • 1 CD4017BE.
  • 1 555.
  • 10 LEDs of any color.
  • 1 47 μF electrolytic capacitor.
  • 3 resistors: 1 of 470 Ω, 1 of 3,3 kΩ, and 1 of 5,6 kΩ.
  • Wires.

The schematics on KiCad.

LED Chaser

The LED Chaser assembled in PCB.

LED chaser circuit

Cylon eye

Cylon eye circuit

In this circuit, The light of LEDs goes and returns. Has this name because reminds Cylon’s red eye from Battlestar Galactica. 

Cylon eye
Source: Tumblr.

Schematics and material list respectively.

Cylon eye schematics
  • 1 NE555P.
  • 1 CD4017BE.
  • A 22 μF electrolytic capacitor.
  • 6 LEDs of any color.
  • 3 resistors: 1 470 Ω, 1 3,3 kΩ and 1 5,6 kΩ.
  • 10 1N4007 diodes.

The diodes allow LED light to “return” because leads the current and block passages to previous outputs. Note that LEDs of extremities use only a single diode.

Color chaser RGB

RGB LED chaser with 4017

It’s a LED Chaser adjusted with 3 potentiometers. Since RGB LED has 4 terminals, the circuit has 3 LED chasers. A video of three projects in operation.

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