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Unboxing of a robotic arm

This is a kit of 6 DOF robotic arm with aluminum pieces to assemble. It doesn’t come with servomotors neither instruction manual.

About the kit

DOF cames from Degrees Of Freedom, have already been published a post about this concept.

Degrees of FreedomClick here

These are all parts of kit.

All pieces

Assembling robotic arm



First step was to install 2 MG995 servomotors in the silver claw. Servomotor to this robotic arm must have high torque, MG995 has a torque of 9.40 kg·cm at 4.8 V and 11 kg·cm at 6 V. Futaba and Hobbico servomotors don’t serve for this application, due to low torque.

Servo MG995

This part must be linked to claw. Two short screws are enough.

Disk can be easily attached to motor shaft.

1st servo with disk

1st servo installed in silver claw

Another servo must be put in this place.

Place of second servo

4 screws are used to attach motor to small tubes.

2nd servo installed

Placing a disk on shaft. Two screws must be used to attach disk to claw’s gear.

Disk on 2nd servo

Complete claw with two servomotors.

Claw complete

Claw support

This part is used to place actuators.

Part for arm

These two equal pieces must be united by 2 small screws and 2 nuts.

2 same pieces together

Placing part above in the claw for third motor.

2 servos with 3th servo slot

Third servomotor installed.

3 servos installed

Must put a disk in servo to be connected to claw’s support.

3th servo with a disk

Linking a big part in shape of “U” in claw with 4 short screws.

Part in U

U piece in 3rd servo

Using these parts to install another servo.

Parts for 4th servomotor

Two pieces together for 4th servo

4th servo

And must be connected to the rest of robotic arm.

Robotic arm with 4 servos

The next step is joint two pieces in “U” shape with two screws and nuts.

Double U integrated

Base of 6 DOF robotic arm

The last part is build the support base. Must unite these part in “U” shape.

2 main pieces for base

Base assembled

This component will link the remaining motors.

5th piece

5th servo

Placing 5th actuator in the rest of arm.

5 servos robotic arm

Building the base.

Robotic arm base

Integrating base’s actuator to arm.

6th servo

Robotic arm assembled with base.

Robotic arm base assembled

The arm completed with all 6 degrees of freedom. With this base, robot will lose balance when makes some movements, therefore, it’s needed to use something to fix the base to prevent the fall. Like a glue, screws or more weight in base.

Robotic arm complete

How to control the 6 DOF robotic arm? Can control it using Arduino and lines of code shonw in tutorial 3.

Arduino tutorial (Part 3)Click here

But this method is difficult and complicated for present application. Other alternative is use a board made to control many servomotors like PCA9685. The use of this driver will be subject for another post.



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